What’s In A Name?

Playing the 'name game.'
Playing the ‘name game.’

CCRC is what we have always called “Continuing Care Retirement Communities.”

However, with folks living longer than ever (Did you know that Regency Nursing Centers is the current Guinness World Record holder for housing the largest number of Centenarians under one roof! That’s right! Read the AARP coverage right here) more and more elderly people are trending towards long term placement in Skilled Nursing Facilities (‘SNF)

Faced with this problem, a new term has recently emerged out of a lengthy process spearheaded by LeadingAge and Mather Lifeways to deal with the “shortcomings in the CCRC terminology (that’s right, when all else fails, blame it on the name).

Basically, these folks got together last Sunday¬†at their annual meeting in Boston in the culmination of what has been a prolonged effort over a 2 year period to work on the “renaming initiative.”

They say the change was needed because the phrase “continuing care” implies a setting where older adults are being cared for, rather than a setting that also fosters “new experiences and growth.”

So what will they be calling CCRC’s in the near future?

The (proposed) new name will be “Life Plan Communities.”



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