What It Means To Be First Choice For Rehab!

I got a consolation prize yesterday.

With many of my running friends participating in yesterday’s NYC Marathon, I was feeling a bit left out (I no longer run competitively, but simply for its health benefits and to feed my addiction), so I went out for an early morning 8.5 mile run in my neighborhood.

8.5 miles is typically a cakewalk for me, but I pushed a tad too hard (subconsciously frustrated to get only a consolation prize, perhaps?) and today, the ‘morning after,’ every bone in my 37 year old body (well, 38 in two weeks, but who is counting) aches in pain.

I could use some rehab, but I don’t have Medicare.

The beauty of our organization and the people who are part of it, is that we are nobody’s consolation prize.

Regency Nursing and Post-acute Rehabilitation Centers is the first choice for the very best in healthcare and rehabilitation.

Here is today’s Regency Daily Dose Of Inspiration, in collaboration with our good friends at CareGiverlist.com!

Enjoy and now go take on the day!



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