We Are Thrilled To Share Our Success With You!

It is common knowledge to all of you, my beloved audience (I borrowed that phrase from Mark Levin, radio talk show host on 770), that we are rightfully thrilled about our incredible success at each of our Regency Nursing Centers. Indeed, I frequently blog about our various accomplishments in the world of Healthcare.

And why not? We deserve to be happy about our consistent top tier 5 star ratings, just as it is thrilling for our residents and their families. Success breeds success and passion about being successful, fosters passion for staying that way.

Apparently, not everyone agrees.

This recent study attempts to demonstrate that people judge expressive winners as arrogant compared to inexpressive winners and are less likely to want to befriend them. The study posits that being judged negatively for your success is “justifiably” an implicit fear. As a result (they argue), success can heighten ambivalence, even unconsciously, about winning.

Therefore, they suggest that winners ought to learn to “moderate” when and where they express happiness about their success.  They exhort us winners to share the good news with other successful people and to focus our conversation on other things we are developing so as not to “annoy people.”

Finally, they suggest that striking a balance between authentically admitting happiness and pretending to “not care” is important.


Inane prattle and ridiculous drivel (I know that’s a redundant statement but I write it for greater effect!) if you ask me.

“Study” indeed!

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