Watch These Centenarians Hold Forth On Selfies, Twerking, and Justin “Beaver!”

Did you ever wonder how elderly people might react if you were to ask them about the latest gadgets and newest trends? How about if the person you asked was a Centenarian (an entirely possible scenario at Regency where we set the World Record on Centenarians)?

Well, watch how these centenarians reacted in the video below!

In this video uploaded to the YouTube channel of Steve Harvey, you can see how these BFFs reacted when asked for their input on some trendy stuff!

They were asked to give their opinions about selfie’s and “twerking” and the latest iPhone and even about Justin Bieber (they called him Justin “Beaver,” btw).

Watch the video below in your email, or by clicking on the blog title and watching it in your browser.




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