(Very) Random Musings

Because of this frigid weather, I’ve only run 18 miles in total for this week and I’m starting to feel it.

I saw a crazy running buddy doing outdoor miles early this morning. The vapor coming out of his mouth made his face look like the muffler on an old chevy caprice! The guy is nuts in the head.

For me the running addiction isn’t so much about the physical benefits as it is about the physiological benefits. The running enables me to navigate the vicissitudes of a tough work schedule and my intense personality.

So I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I could use the awesome Regency Physical Therapy Gym for some exercise during off peak hours. Then I realized that at Regency there are no “off peak hours” and I don’t have Medicare or Medicaid.

I can do this stuff in our gym!
I can do this stuff in our gym!

In the midst of these disjointed musings, I turned to look at Deficiency free and noticed that he was staring at me like I was guilty of some type of crime?! This fish isn’t happy, I thought. In fact, if looks could kill, I’d be dead. What’s bugging deficiency free? He’s got plenty of food and nourishment and lives in a beautiful habitat. He gets complimented by every family member I tour with and he is always the center of attention, so why the sour face?!

What's bugging deficiency free?
What’s bugging deficiency free?

I went out for a drink and figured I’d say hello to our very own Al Morris, who was in his office with the door open, lucky for him, he was on the phone and was clearly busy.

Al is too busy to chat!
Al is too busy to chat!

When I got back to the admissions office, deficiency free seemed to have settled down somewhat and I was ready to work without the uncomfortable staring.
Maybe deficiency free needs some therapy?
You think he has Medicare?

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