Tzvi Gross Of Regency Nursing Working On Senior Healthcare Legislation

It came to our attention yesterday that our very own Tzvi Gross of Regency Management, is working closely with New Jersey Assemblymen and State Legislators to draft new Healthcare reforms which will directly impact and benefit NJ seniors.

(We were informed by a prominent NJ Assemblyman, as Tzvi tends to be modest and discreet. Sorry Tzvi, your families have a right to know of our many efforts and accomplishments on their behalf)

While it is too early to get into the specifics of the various proposed legislation and Legislators spearheading the effort, we are extremely proud that Tzvi has been hand selected to take part in this collaborative initiative at the State level.

Certainly, in his capacity as an ombudsman and senior advocate who also happens to manage several of the most sought after 5 star nursing and rehab facilities across the State, he is uniquely positioned to help craft healthcare initiatives to benefit those who need it most!

Details to follow in due course.





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