Tzvi Gross and Joseph Bernfeld at Regency Park!

I tell my residents that the beauty of the Regency Nursing and Rehab Facilities is our top down accountability!

Other Nursing Homes have Administrators who hide in the back office somewhere and pull all the ‘levers’ in a shroud of secrecy like the fabled Wizard of Oz! There is no accountability and nobody responsible to families for anything. It’s like calling the phone company…”your call is important to us”….

At Regency Nursing Centers, our Administrators are front and center ALL of the time!
They are available and accessible to our families for anything and everything. No request is too big or too small and they are constantly out and about looking to please the residents and families.

Here is a picture I snagged of our very own Administrators, Joseph Bernfeld and Tzvi Gross in the hallway greeting families and residents with welcome smiles and good cheer!


Left to Right: Tzvi Gross and Joseph Bernfeld

Left to Right: Tzvi Gross and Joseph Bernfeld

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