Trust But Verify

“Trust But Verify”

President Ronald Reagan

On August 27, 2013, I published an article about Trust as it relates to the Healthcare industry.

This was culled from my overall career experience and sensitivity to the subject.

The article was published here and was very well received.

Here is an excerpt:

“It is certainly true that there is an element of trust when selecting a nursing home or rehab facility for an elderly loved one. The trust factor which is important and present in any ‘purchasing’ decision is not exclusively applied to an educated or uninformed consumer, nor is it exclusively applied to a specific industry.

All types of consumers need to develop trust. However, trust works both ways. In the same way that customers will ultimately trust the facility to supply them with the right nursing or post acute rehab program according to their needs, facility representatives need to trust themselves (and their own knowledge) to work in the best interests of the customer.

It is insufficient to state that you have the “best” nursing and rehab program in the area. You have a responsibility to quantify what ‘best’ means in your lexicon and to prove to the consumer that your program is indeed superior to those of your competitors.”

When the element of trust is lacking or breached, it is often an augury and harbinger of chinks in the quality of the care provided.

At Regency Nursing Centers, our staff works very hard each and every day to earn the trust of our residents and their families.

Our many awards and industry recognition (including Gannett and US World News Accolades, Walt Disney Certification, being the Proud Initiators of the “I-Care Healthcare Program, CMS Heralded 5 star Rating, etc.), is a testament to our accomplishments in this regard and to the trust we have earned.


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