The Week in Photos

Many of our Regency Photos wind up on our Facebook pages and dont make it to this blog.

That’s fine.

However, I was toying with the idea of doing a weekend “This week in photos” type blog, which would feature an assorted and eclectic mix of pictures from around Regency.

Food for thought, I guess.

Here are several pictures from last week:

Robert Gross was caught practicing his skills on our Regency Shofar in advance of the High Holidays on the Jewish calendar:

Our Regecy Chaplain, Rabbi Z, was sited standing in front of our in-house version of Jerusalem’s Western Wall:

One of our employees, Jean Winner, received a fantastic cash reward prize for winning a contest. He took this photo with Marty and Eli:

Regency Park Admissions Director, Doris Arnaldi, came to visit Regency Heritage for a meeting and was thrilled to catch me wearing a tie she bought me some time ago as a holiday gift (she didn’t think I’d actually wear it?). She took this photo (do you like the tie? I do):

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