The Unsung Heroes At Regency Nursing Centers!

“The great leadership of an army General is most evident in his ability to allocate his troops according to their individual strengths and merits. The cook shouldn’t pilot the F16 and the paratrooper has no business in the kitchen!”

-David Gross-

“When I hire a plumber, I don’t want him showing up in a tuxedo. This doesn’t foster my confidence in his competence. It’s the same reason I’d prefer the maître d’ wear a tuxedo over a pair of overalls.”


Mr. David Gross; Founder and President
Mr. David Gross; Founder and President


Last night, I was privy once again to the wisdom inherent in these words.

I attended a ‘Regency’ wedding for the child of our beloved Mr. A.S. of the Regency Corporate office. At the wedding, I bumped into some of the folks from corporate who interact with me on a constant basis.

I saw Mr. A.G., Mrs. R.M. etc. etc.

I’ve said this before (right here) and continue to maintain that the unsung heroes at Regency work out of our corporate offices. To be sure, unlike the heroes at Regency facilities Statewide (our dedicated nurses, therapists, and personnel from all departments), they do not have their ‘boots on the ground’ and do not interact daily with our patients.

However, though they may have a different role in the ‘Regency Army,’ their input and contributions are no less vital and indeed, it is their deft, dedicated and skillful work which ensures the continuity of our operations.

They are the compassionate folks who interact with families on the phones, day after day, educating them, empowering them and answering many questions and concerns related to the often archaic minutia of State mandates, rules and regulations.

I salute every one of them, today and always!

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