Telemedicine for Nursing Facilities in a Post-Pandemic World

With the Coronavirus and its impact on the Skilled Nursing industry, Telemedicine has seen a tremendous surge in relevancy and popularity.

Nursing homes have been scrambling to adopt (and adapt to) this technology as a way of keeping medical doctors in touch with their residents and patients, to diagnose, treat and prevent re-hospitalizations.

It’s noteworthy that Regency Nursing was an early adopter of this technology and we have been offering a robust Telemedicine program at our facilities for years.

I will be writing about Telemedicine in the coming months and we will be providing additional educational material to our families and residents.

Back in 2018 healthcare experts prognosticated a surge in Telemedicine programs offered at nursing centers across the country. This was well before the Coronavirus.

At that point, we had already been providing Telemedicine at Regency Nursing Centers for a few years!

I wrote all about it over HERE.

We don’t follow, we lead.

Others choose to follow our lead and that’s fine.

We are happy to teach our colleagues what stellar healthcare delivery looks like.



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