Taking In The Beauty Of Regency Gardens Nursing and Rehabilitation Center In Wayne NJ!

“Smiling is infectious,
You can catch it like the flu.
Someone smiled at me today,
And I started smiling too.”
~Author Unknown

Truer words were never spoken. I got smiled at today. In fact, we’re always smiling at Regency (that’s because there is plenty to smile about)!!

But I digress (again).

This morning I’d like to talk to you about our breathtakingly beautiful haven in Wayne NJ!

Regency Gardens Post-Acute Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center is an absolute gem in the Wayne/Paterson, area.

This is quite significant, because this part of NJ is actually saturated with qualified nursing homes, including Advanced Care Center at Lakeview, The Atrium at Wayne, Barnert Subacute Rehabilitation Center (been there), Llanfair House Care and Rehabilitation Center, Preakness Healthcare Center and others.


You know, – there is an old expression that “the eyes have it.”

Indeed, sometimes there is no substitute for actually s@@ing something in person.

What I would respectfully submit to all of you, my dear readers, is that you do not need to be in the market for World-Class Rehab or Nursing Care, in order to appreciate the beauty of Regency Gardens!

Folks who stroll through the famed Botanical Gardens in NY on a warm and exhilarating day in the summertime, have no need for rehab. They are simply looking to commune with natures bounty.

Similarly, I would posit that Regency Gardens in Wayne, with its lush gardens, and tropical areas and waterfalls and gazebos, effects the same sense of calm and tranquility as a visit to the Botanical Gardens!

Don’t take me at my word, go s@@ for yourself and take Mom and Dad with you!

The delicious coffee is on us.

The Beautiful Regency Gardens!
The Beautiful Regency Gardens!



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