‘Pet Therapy’ At Regency Nursing and Rehab Centers, NJ

pet therapy

The Healthcare community and advocacy groups dealing with alcoholism, just figured out something we’ve known at Regency for quite some time.

From an industry article I read today:

“Drug abuse and addiction is the worst thing in a person’s life. It deteriorates the person from normal life and creates a gap between relationships with friends and family. It causes the loss of health and senses which ultimately lead to isolation. It is important to treat the family member struggling from drug addiction gently in order to ensure that he would be able to recover. It is a fact that animals, especially the pets, have a massive role in assisting the drug addicts to get rid of the factors influencing their lives adversely. So, having a strong relationship with pets distracts people from bad habits and it also brings drug addicts back to their normal life.

Living with pets reduces anxiety, keeps the blood pressure and heart rate low, reduces physical pain by providing a mental satisfaction and even gives rise to higher self-esteem.”

Regency was one of the first adopters of pet therapy to help in the healing process.

Seems we are the standard and all others play catch-up.

So what else is new.

Our beaming resident, Rachel M, holding our bunny, Honey!
Our beaming resident, Rachel M, holding our bunny, Honey!