Celebrate Senior Citizens Tomorrow—And Every Day

Senior citizens, it’s time to celebrate!

It’s 30 years since the first National Senior Citizens day was declared by President Ronald Reagan. Tomorrow, August 21, is the 30th annual observance of Senior Citizens day.

Senior citizens today are more active, financially secure, and healthy than ever before. With average life expectancy hovering around age 80, we’re lucky to have our seniors around for years—long enough to benefit from the wisdom and experience you can only gain by living to old age.

photo of elderly woman talking, with george burns quote: "by the time you're 80 you've learned everything. you only have to remember it."

Reaching advanced age comes with unique difficulties. Physical and mental decline, increased risk of accidents, and costly medical bills are just some of the challenges seniors face as they age.

On Senior Citizen’s day, let’s support, honor, and show appreciation to our seniors, and recognize their achievements.

Here are some ways you can celebrate the senior citizens in your life:

  • Send them flowers
  • Visit them at home or long-term care residence, and spend some time with them
  • Call to chat if you can’t visit
  • Take them out for dinner
  • Thank them for everything they’ve done for you over the years
  • Listen to their stories
  • Ask their advice
  • Buy a gift—even the new blanket they need or crossword book they’ve wanted

Don’t live near your elderly loved ones? You can still show them you care with a special phone call, letter, email, or video call. You can also volunteer with local seniors who may not have family nearby.

Studies show living alone is one of the highest risk factors for depression and other mental health issues among seniors. Living alone can also be a health and safety risk for declining seniors who don’t realize their own limits. Celebrate the senior citizens in your neighborhood by visiting regularly and making sure they’re okay. If it seems they can no longer live alone, don’t hesitate to alert their families or your local social services.

This Senior Citizens day, we invite friends and family of our residents to Regency Nursing. Come visit, participate in the programming, and show your senior loved ones how much they mean to you.