Simple and Blissful At Regency! – My Dose Of Inspiration

Life tends to be overly complicated.

One of the nursing facilities that I visited today to screen a patient had a plethora of signs and declarations posted to a large bulletin board in their lobby.

It was a cacophony of competing messages ranging from the practical to the peculiar.

One sign in particular deal with a particular new protocol established by the facility due to “ecological considerations.”

The word “ecological” within the context of this poster, seemed completely inappropriate and almost bizarre.

I do consider myself somewhat of a wordsmith, but still thought perhaps I was the crazy one and simply didn’t have a complete grasp on the word and its various applications?

So when I got back to Regency Park in Hazlet, I Googled the term and came up with this:


No, I’m not crazy at all.

I had it right all along, unless the definition of the word ‘Ecology’ in their lexicon, includes a concept similar (or tantamount) to the image below:


I’m spoiled friends….

Things at Regency are blissfully simple and our posters are germane and straightforward.

and now back to our regular programming!




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