Senior Healthcare Costs and The Affordable Care Act

welcome to the twilight zone
welcome to the twilight zone

Everyone seems to be weighing in on ObamaCare in earnest, now that healthcare costs are demonstrably rising according to every metric and in everybody’s lexicon.

The data speaks for itself at this point and the question is no longer one of “if” but of “how much” and “how bad.”

LJ Devon writing for Natural News, really picked it apart in a piece the other day.

He writes in part that he facts make it clear that the promises of the Affordable Care Act are backfiring. A new report from Bloomberg shows that senior healthcare costs are skyrocketing, years after the law was passed. The average 65-year-old couple preparing to retire in 2015 is looking at healthcare costs of $245,000 per year, and this number is projected to climb. This average, which has jumped 11 percent from 2014, shows how domineering and enslaving the medical system has become. Government intervention through the years, which has legitimized the faults in the medical system, has only driven up costs.

He further posits that the promises of cost-saving government programs are all theater to cover up the fundamental problems within the system. Health insurance plans are a part of the problem. Mandating these plans on the population, like the Affordable Care Act did, only perpetuates the problems. Health insurance plans are expected to cover costs, so many medical professionals naturally prescribe more pills and schedule more tests to stay on the safe side. There’s no incentive for true cost-effective, nutrition-based prevention because costly interventions will be covered by health insurance plans.

The “how much” and “how bad” may yet evolve further, so stay tuned,


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