Running In Circles

Hi Everyone!

Lazy days of summer are finally here and I cannot run!

This nagging Achilles Tendonitis which I reported on earlier (over here) simply won’t go away.

Just a few months ago, I’d lace up and go out for a brisk 15 mile run (early morning or late evening) and now I pain up after only 2 miles into my run.

The Achilles Tendon takes a longer time to heal because of the minimal blood flow in this area.

So the Therapy team here at Regency recommended that I switch over to cross training as a substitute for my ‘running high’ and to keep the weight off.

They mentioned an elliptical Trainer; the dreaded Elliptical trainer.

Let me tell you something about an elliptical trainer; I’d prefer to watch paint dry than to use one of those. It’s like a hamster running around a wheel over and over and over.

The fact is, nothing rivals the sheer enjoyment of running outdoors.

So now I’m back to square one.

I know that here at Regency, we employ the latest techniques and advanced technologies in our rehabilitation programs.

Perhaps there is a kind of wearable electronic or robotic device that could assist in helping me run without the pain?

Food for thought.

BTW,  Robots are in nowadays!

In fact, just yesterday, Queen Elizabeth just had a personal interchange with a Robot during her trip to the Technical University in Berlin!

But I digress.

Take a look:




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