Run Towards A Smile!!!


I’ve written more times than I’m able to count on the 10 fingers of all of our beloved readers (ok, maybe not ALL of your fingers!) regarding the joy of SMILING!

Here is one example of a Regency ode i published back in 2014 (I was 3 younger then) to the joys of smiling, for both the giver and the recipient.


It’s important to smile.

We are all human and sometimes we feel down and out.

We are languishing in the doldrums and everything just feels wrong…

SMILE! Brighten your life and all those around you!

Smiling is infectious!

Go to a Regency facility and you’ll see smiling staff and smiling residents – and you’ll smile too.

What about running?

Come to think of it, I’ve also written quite a bit regarding the topic of running – and more specifically; my own running.

You’ve all been great about indulging me in my expressive (if not relentless) attempts to explain the cathartic relief and the physical, physiological and emotional benefits in running!

I don’t know why I run at this point, other than to feed the addiction.

It does something to the way that my brain is hard wired, that makes me smile!

If my cerebral hemisphere triggers a smile in me, the people in my immediate hemisphere smile too!

Indeed, one smile will always beget, createproducegenerateengenderspawn, bring on, precipitatepromptprovokekindletrigger, spark off, touch off, stir up, whip up, induceinspirepromote; A SECOND SMILE!

Wanna know why everybody in the photo below is smiling (ok, there were a few holdouts, but you get my point)?

I’m convinced it is because runner # 87 smiled first!




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