Run…For Your Life!

You all know about my predilection, indeed my addiction, as it relates to running.

I’ve been an avid runner for 6 years now. Initially, it was an effort to lose weight (I was short and square) and then it morphed into an outlet for my particular disposition and intensity. Ultimately, it provided a vehicle for healthy endogenous opioid neuropeptide release (umm..that’s a fancy definition for endorphins, I couldn’t resist).

I also solve the world’s problems when I run in solitude. The galaxies and cosmos owe me a debt of gratitude for my interventions.

Alas, I digress.

At Regency Nursing Centers, proper fitness and health maintenance, is a huge part of our custodial program and rehabilitative program.

But this focus isn’t just internal.

We have also garnered a well deserved reputation of excellence in educating the broader public on all things healthcare related, including a special emphasis on physical fitness for seniors.

Through our Regency Alliance on Senior Healthcare, we have been recognized for our original publications and articles which are disseminated gratis all across the healthcare spectrum.

This flyer on Senior Fitness, has been distributed to countless libraries, professional offices and healthcare institutions throughout the country.

So today, when our good friends at sent me a fantastic piece they published outlining 7 senior fitness tips from a 101 year old professional sprinter, I was delighted!

I share this piece with you all, not only because of the fitness aspect, but also because at Regency, we have a special fondness for Centenarians, seeing as we hold the current Guinness World Record for hosting the largest number of centenarians under one roof! (read this recent piece published by our friends at McKnight’s)


Ida Keeling was 100 in April when she set a world record at the Penn Relays in the 100-meter dash event. Her record-setting time in the 80-and-older category was 1:17.33. How does she do it? Keeling, who started competing at age 67, has been asked by reporters from TV networks, magazines and newspapers about the secret to her success. Her advice is simple and is something almost all of us can follow.

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