Rocking at Regency!

With the Holiday fast approaching there is a sense of excitement and anticipation at Regency Nursing Centers!!

Did I ever tell you that we rock?

Yes, I’m sure I did!


From our beloved Founder, all the way down, we are all awesome BECAUSE WE CARE DEEPLY!

We care for our families and we care for their loved ones – our patients and residents.

We are compassionate, dedicated and devoted!

But you know what, our families ROCK TOO!!


Hey, did I show you a picture of the new Christmas tree we just placed in one of our beautiful dining halls?

Take a look:

The tree is glowing!
The tree is glowing!


What about the new gift I purchased for myself (hope my wife doesn’t see it on my credit card). I love fish aquariums. They are therapeutic and calming. so I ordered a betta aquarium online for me to display on the desk in the admissions office where I hang out and families are already loving it! (Betta seems happy too! We named him “deficiency free” in honor of or recent 5 star survey!!)

Take a look:


"Deficiency free" swimming around in his new home!
“Deficiency free” swimming around in his new home!


Hey, I even received this gift a few moments ago from a thrilled family member who is eternally grateful that we welcomed her aunt into our family for long term care, all of the way from Texas!!! (that’s right, they want in to our program from states all over the country)


I'll open it at home. I've got no time now.
I’ll open it at home. I’ve got no time now.




Have a superbly fabulous weekend!



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