Regency Rehab; Best In Monmouth County

At Regency nursing and rehabilitation, our decades of experience caring for the elderly, frail and chronically ill has given us a unique understanding of the needs of those we serve and, equally important, a thorough respect for their capabilities and limitations. Our stated commitment, is to help our patients achieve maximum functionality and independence.

Our Services

Utilizing the latest technology and methods, Regency rehab’s award winning staff of licensed rehabilitation experts provides the highest levels of therapeutic care and specialized services, including:

Physical Therapy: Designed to increase range of motion as wel as cognitive-perceptual motor skills, our program utilizes the latest techniques and equipment and is customized to increase each patients capabilities and quality of life.

Occupational Therapy: Specialists analyze, design and adapt specific tasks or resources to enhance independent living skills and maximize abilities.

Speech and Language Therapy: After careful evaluation, our speech and language pathologists offer specific guides for advancing communication skills impaired by stroke, illness or injury.

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