Regency Partners With Tesla On $1000 Giveaway!!!!

I’m not even sure how to begin this post…

This new partnership is so outside of the box and so creative, I’m floored myself.

I shouldn’t be, because our Regency Founder and President has a longstanding and industry wide reputation for his  forward thinking and creative genius.

This idea takes his MO to a whole new level, though (and I love it)!

Regency has always been about:

Consummate and Quintessential perfection!

Timeless appeal!




Customer Service!


We are also the envy of the rehabilitation and long term care industry.

Enter Tesla Motors!

Can the aforementioned attributes not be similarly applied to this one of a kind motor car?

Of course it can!

In fact, anyone who appreciates Regency, appreciates Tesla!

So here is the idea.

From now until October 31st, If you or someone you know, purchases a Tesla automobile, Regency will provide you with an exclusive $1000 discount towards the purchase price of your car!!!

But wait a second, we are not done!

You don’t have to purchase a car altogether.

Simply provide us with a legitimate referral for anyone you know who is seriously inclined to purchase a Tesla car and we will provide you with a unique and beautiful gift and the purchaser with a $1000 discount towards the purchase price of the car!

To access and redeem the $1000 discount, please click on the image below.

To access our Regency-Tesla Referral Program, please respond to this posting using the comment feature below and we will be in touch with you.









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