Regency Park Receives The Ultimate Display of Gratitude From Family!

Dearest Friends,

Remember how Regency Nursing Centers shined during last years Hurricane Sandy! I sure do. Regency Nursing Centers across New Jersey received high praise from all sectors of the healthcare community!

We were literally a beacon of light to the elderly who reside in our communities.

I blogged it here and here.

We took in folks who required nebulizers and oxygen treatments. We were simultaneously a nursing home, rehab facility and shelter!

We did all of this while we had segments of our operations functioning off of our generators! No small feat. Our accomplishments and our ability to keep our residents happy, warm, smiling, satisfied, and completely engaged in therapy and activities was simply mind boggling.

Yours truly during the Hurricane providing love, balloons, and teddy bears!
Yours truly during the Hurricane providing love, balloons, and teddy bears!

Well, a few days ago we got a call here to the Regency Park Admissions Department from a grateful family who wanted to meet to discuss long term placement for Mom.

Sure thing we said, come on over!

It turns out that Mom was here for several days during Hurricane Sandy when the power went out in her home and she couldn’t breathe because her oxygen concentrator was useless.

We took her in and offered her dollops of care and compassion, a roof over her head, delicious food, recreation, concerts, camaraderie and good cheer!

The grateful family never forgot our kindness, so when the decision was made recently to place her for long term care, the choice was quite easy!


She will be here tonight!

Can you sense the swelling pride I feel in my heart for all of us?

Does it pop right through the screen to hit you square in the jaw?

Darned right I’m proud! P R O U D !!

Proud and EXTREMELY grateful to be here and to be a part of what we do at Regency every day!

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