Regency Nursing; The Pursuit of Perfection!

Driving to the office today, I took in the beauty of fall most clearly evident in the colorful foliage. It is a gift to be able to appreciate the various colors and hues with which we are blessed in our lives.

It is something I try to work on and it is something we stress at our Regency Post Acute Rehabilitation Centers in NJ, every single day.

Talking about appreciating the ‘color’ in our lives, no less than 28 of my friends participated in the vaunted N.Y.C. Marathon yesterday! Some of them ran to achieve a personal goal or record. All of them ran to experience the exhilaration of life and feeling alive!

I didn’t personally participate in the grueling 26 mile run, but cranked out 17 miles running in my city. It took me just over 2 hours to complete my run in the brisk Sunday morning weather.

17 miles is certainly quite a long distance to run (next time your driving along the highway in your car, clock 17 miles on your odometer), but unlike a Marathon, it doesn’t require me to run headlong into the infamous “wall”

What is the “wall” to which I refer?

The “wall” usually happens between miles 20-25, although it is different for every individual.

Every year hundreds of thousands of runners will have the opportunity to “hit the wall.” “The wall” is defined as that period in marathon when things transition from being pretty hard to being really, really hard. It is the point where your body and mind are simultaneously tested. It’s the perfect intersection of fatigue and diminished mental faculties. Or as you most likely remember it, it’s the exact point where all your pre-race plans went out the window.

How you handle “the wall” can literally make or break your marathon.

At Regency Nursing Centers, we achieve our stellar reputation by demonstrating time and time again, our ability to transcend all barriers and relentlessly pursuing perfection.

We do not fall prey to the malaise and fatigue, otherwise known as complacency, exhibited by many of our competitors.

There are times when we also ‘hit the wall’, but it is precisely during these times that we step up to every challenge and consistently demonstrate why we are the best in senior healthcare and post acute rehabilitation!

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