Regency Nursing Spotlights Al Morris!

Right to Left: Joshua Craven, AIT, Al Morris
Right to Left: Joshua Craven, AIT, Al Morris, Administration

From time to time, we spotlight a Regency Superstar from amongst our stellar staff of hundreds of employees. The truth is, every Regency Nursing employee is a superstar!

Today, I’d like to highlight our very own Al Morris!

Al is something of a legend at Regency. He has been involved in Administration at Regency for many years and has developed a loyal following of appreciative families in all of our facilities which he visits on a regular basis.

From nursing, to maintenance, to recreation, to staffing, to purchasing, to family counseling, Al is involved in the full gamut of activities at Regency Nursing Centers and his impact is felt throughout.

At Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers all across New Jersey, we are mindful that to excel at a very high level demands a staff of dedicated employees who are the very best in the business.

It is why our staff is unrivaled for expertise, dedication and compassion!

Al Morris is a perfect example of this pursuit of uncompromising excellence!

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