Regency Nursing Launches a New Blog!!

On behalf of our beloved Founder and President, we are excited to report the launch of a (second) BRAND NEW REGENCY BLOG to all of you faithful readers and followers!!

The new blog will be structured differently than our blog right here at

For one thing, our new blog is hosted right on our corporate Regency Website!

Whereas on this blog we post compelling newsworthy items, but also engage in awesome, light and funny ‘Regency banter’, the new blog will be more of an informational venue and industry resource.

Of course, we invite you to continue following us in both places

Check out our new blog at

I extend a personal thank you to MDU and also to the awesome and brilliant Tzvi Gross, for his help.

Hey Tzvi, as a token of my appreciation, please allow everyone else to get a kick out of your picture below!!!


Tzvi Gross of our Administration!
Tzvi Gross of our Administration!

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