Regency Nursing Going Above and Beyond (As Usual)!

Wanna know how much Regency rocks?

I’ll give you one example!

We have a resident who was scheduled to come back to us today from the hospital after going there for a procedure. I waited all day for the re-admission and finally got a call this evening from the nurse case manager asking us to please do them a favor. It seems they couldn’t locate a suitable wheelchair for this fellow, but had already set up the transport and couldn’t keep him an additional night.

Could we help out?

Sure, no problem.

I got together with the indefatigable Al Morris of our Administration and we piled our own wheelchair into the jeep and drove over to the hospital to offer it up, so that our resident would be able to spend another night within our cozy confines and so that the hospital wouldn’t incur any financial losses as a result of their inability to provide for the transport this evening.

We just got back to the facility.

Here are the pics (of course)!


Al and Judah apply the Regency touch of perfection!
Al and Judah apply the Regency touch of perfection!




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