Regency Nursing Centers Now Offering Telemedicine!

Regency Nursing and Post-Acute Rehabilitation Centers is extremely excited to introduce our new cutting edge technology in Healthcare which we will be rolling out this month at our facilities!

Allow us to introduce MD Live Care!

md live care

They are a physician based group that provide telemedicine during evening hours, weekends and holidays. They utilize cutting edge video communication technology and digital diagnostic equipment(s) which allows their physicians to interact, evaluate, diagnose and triage our patients at their bedside without leaving the facility. They are a group of board certified physicians with 10+ years of experience in both hospital and Sub-Acute/Post-Acute care settings and are highly qualified to treat medically complex patients.

MD Live Care’s main goal is to help Regency Nursing and Post-Acute Rehabilitation Centers by treating our medically ill patients at their bedside

We should note that MD Live Care is here to be our clinical partners and not as a       replacement to our primary care physicians. They will provide additional support and guidance to nurses as they care for our patients. They will work hand in hand with our primary care physicians and communicate with our patients and their family members to provide updates and follow-ups regarding care provided. Their hours of operation are Monday thru Thursday from 7pm-7am and Fridays from 7pm until Monday 7am.

As an additional courtesy for our residents to enhance the quality of care, Regency will incur all service charges from MD Live Care as they will not bill our patient’s insurance.

This initiative is yet another illustration of Regency’s commitment to pushing the envelope in Healthcare technologies and advancements and to spare no expense in caring for our residents.

It is why we are “The Place Where The Caring Comes To Life!”


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