Regency Nursing Centers NJ – Providing Food For The Soul

Music is a passion for me and always has been.

I come from a family of outstanding musicians, singers and Cantors.

They say “Music is the key to the soul.”

This is very true. It is also the reason we have a plethora of concerts and musical performances throughout the year at our Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers!

In fact, recent research has demonstrated that cognitive stimulation, including from musical activities, may improve cognitive and motor functions in healthy individuals, and may provide non-pharmacological approaches for recovering brain and motor functions after brain damage, disease, or delayed mental development in neurological patients.

Various related studies in neuroscience have demonstrated and highlighted the unique contributions of music to programs of cognitive stimulation and rehabilitation, including music-based interventions in neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

In these studies, a range of topics were covered, including the contribution of rhythm and the temporal structure of music to language development, language rehabilitation, attentional processes, motor abilities, and motor rehabilitation, as well as socialization of infants; the fundamental links between music and movement in musically trained and untrained people, and in neurological patients; the impact of dance on brain plasticity; the positive effects of music on nonmusical abilities in children and adults; the role of music for emotional regulation in infants and, more generally, infants’ well-being; and the efficiency of music intervention in dementia.

(wow! that was a mouthful for me.. 🙂

My point is, music matters to us because it matters to the safety and wellbeing of our patients.

At Regency, we don’t stop singing!





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