Regency Nursing Centers Highlights Their Innovative TLC Program

The nomination process for the 2014 OPTIMA Awards is now open. This is the 19th year for the contest.

Optima Award
Optima Award

Long-Term Living’s prestigious OPTIMA Award recognizes resident-centered care administered by long-term care or assisted living facility that chooses to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Of course Regency goes above and beyond each and every day!

We have entered our submission to describe our innovative resident-focused ‘TLC’ care program.

The Goal of our TLC Program is to provide the right care in the right environment to meet the changing needs of our patients and residents. To achieve this goal required a team effort, which would include everyone who interacts with our residents on a daily basis (staff, volunteers, families, etc.).

Thus was born our T.L.C. Program, which stands for THINK. LOOK. COMMUNICATE.

Think – Think about how every resident feels and communicates.
Look – Look for any signs of changes in normal behavior.
Communicate – Communicate any changes or concerns to a supervisor.

This effective program allows us to quickly identify anyone who requires special attention and advanced care. This prevents “small” health issues from becoming more significant and reduces our re-hospitalizations and increases the quality of life for our residents (and their loved ones!).

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