Regency Nursing Centers and The New York Yankees

I was out of the house quite early this morning for a 5.5 mile run.

About 2 miles in, I see this fellow runner chugging along on the other side of the street.

There is an unspoken pact between runners to always nod and wave when passing each other by, especially when we are the only Homo sapiens on the street at these preternatural hours.

Except, this guy was about to run right by me without as much as a nod. I saw it in his eyes. He was oblivious and completely ‘zoned in.’

I noticed he was wearing a Yankee cap, so I called out across the street and said ‘let’s go Yankees!’
I got a broad grin and a wave in return.

Then, a bit later in the morning, I went to the hospital to pay a visit to several patients. So I walk into this fellow’s room, someone whom I’ve never met before. I was there on behalf of his family just to introduce myself etc. His last name is Rizzuto.

As I’m entering his room, I bump into the Catholic Pastor who was also on his way in to speak with Mr. Rizzuto. The 3 of us wound up sitting together for a bit and we chatted of all things, about the late Yankee great, Phil “Scooter” Rizzuto (no relation to the patient)!

It was kind of surreal, 3 folks of different ages and backgrounds, sitting in a hospital room in New Jersey, chatting about the Yankees!

In the span of several hours and in two very different places and circumstances, I was talking New York Yankees!

My point is there are certain things which transcend boundaries of age, circumstances and affiliation.

These are the cross cultural constants with established values across a broad spectrum.

Regency Nursing Centers is indeed one such ‘constant.’

We have constantly and consistently been at the forefront of our industry in providing the quintessential care and rehab for folks of all ages.
Our heralded 5 Star ratings by CMS, is virtually unparalleled for Skilled Nursing and Post-acute Rehabilitation Centers in the State of New Jersey.

Anywhere you go and anyone you ask will tell you “Regency is the best in the business!”

Regency and the Yankees; two great franchises with timeless appeal!

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