Regency Nursing Centenarian World Record; The Excitement Continues!

I was up at 3 am.

I couldn’t sleep because at 3am we were sending a special press release into cyberspace, touting our much heralded Guinness World Record achievement for bringing together the largest gathering of centenarians under one roof!

The ‘roof’ I refer to is at the magnificent Regency Heritage Post Acute Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Somerset, NJ.
I’m enthused and excited about the achievement and its continued news coverage.

Check out our press release right here.
Passion and excitement at Regency is good. In fact, our beloved Founder was here the other day to meet with our staff and he specifically singled out the wonderful excitement level and passion Regency employees bring to their jobs.
This is one of our defining and distinguishing characteristics.

After I confirmed that the email blast went out, I left the house for a refreshing 4 mile run!
It’s good to enjoy what you do.
It is also vital if you are to be successful.

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