Regency Jewish Heritage Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, 380 DeMott Lane, Somerset, celebrate the lighting of the menorah candles with residents, patients and family members, each year commemorating Hanukkah.  The distinctive event was held in the lobby of the facility with a special presentation offered by Cardiologist, Dr. Aaron Feingold.  Dr. Feingold houses his antique menorah collection at the facility for all to appreciate.  The collectible menorahs are displayed in a special glassed area directly in the lobby area at the facility for all that enter the building to observe and enjoy the extraordinary and historic collection.

Rabbi Reichman, one of the two Rabbis at the Center, is an integral part of the Regency family, and participated in the ceremony.  While Rabbi Reichman provides many services at the facility on a regular basis, he offers daily Mincha services in the synagogue at the facility, as well as lively discussions amongst the residents and patients, provides counsel to those who may need a kind ear, or just a hand to hold.

A wonderful array of food was offered at the ceremony, along with all the festivities.  Dr. Feingold is pictured giving his presentation regarding the menorahs and celebrates with the residents and patients.  Also pictured is Rabbi Reichman and resident, Moe Wineberg join together in lighting the menorah candle.

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Take a look at a few pictures:

Dr. Feingold

Dr. Feingold

Rabbi Reichman helps a Regency Resident Light The Menorah!

Rabbi Reichman helps a Regency Resident Light The Menorah!

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