Regency Introduces Our World-Class Physicians Online!!

Hi Friends,

I wanted to bring an exciting new project to your attention!

On the heels of “National Doctor’s Day,” which we celebrated just yesterday, we have decided to create a brand new page on this website dedicated to promoting and highlighting our exceptional roster of participating physicians at all of our Regency facilities!

Each Dr. will receive a dedicated web page with his/her bio, contact info for their practice and their credentials, accolades and achievements!

We love our Doctors and this effort is yet another way to give back to these incredible heroes of caring and compassion.

Please refer to the snapshots below:

This first image below,¬†is a screenshot of our blog with the new constant¬†tab up on top indicating our “Regency Physicians.”

regency physicians

Clicking on the tab will take you to this page.

However, when you mouse over the tab, you are also introduced to a drop down menu, which will feature a list of all of our highlighted physicians. You have the option of clicking on any one of them to be directed to the particular doctor’s personal bio page!

Today I created our very first bio page, highlighting our Subacute Medical Director at Regency Park Nursing and Rehabilitation in Hazlet, NJ.

Click on this link, or the screenshot below of the actual webpage to be directed to the bio for Dr. Vijay Saaraswat, M.D.!





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