Regency Inspired By One Of Our Readers!

I’m always grateful by the overwhelming feedback we receive for our blogging efforts (whether here, online, or on our corporate websites) and especially appreciate when folks comment on our postings!

The other day, I offered this Regency Daily Dose of Inspiration and posted a quote about the ocean as a metaphor for life and its vicissitudes.

I got almost an immediate response from one of our readers who also happens to be an amazingly talented Medicaid facilitator (and has done Medicaid applications for many of our long term residents).

She provided me with these exceptionally beautiful photographs that she personally captured while on a recent vacation (was it Hawaii? remind me please).

She thought it was an appropriate response to my posting and I do concur. In fact, I wish to share it with all of you, our beloved readers, so that it may similarly brighten your day and bring a smile to your faces!

There is such beauty in nature and so much beauty and potential in each one of us.

Enjoy today’s ‘Regency Daily Dose of Inspiration’ courtesy of Goldie!

Thank you Goldie!




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