Regency Heritage In Somerset, NJ Featured At White House Hanukah Celebration

I received a wonderful email from Dr. Aaron Feingold this morning!

He writes as follows:


“I heard this morning that the Anson Liberty Bell Menorah on display at the Regency will be featured in the White House Hanukkah blog today coinciding with the party. They did not select it for the party because the artist Manfred Anson was selected two years ago for his Statue of Liberty. I told the White House where it was on display for their blog . I will do a Menorah lecture this Sunday at the Regency.


Aaron Feingold”

You may recall a blog I did back in 2013 when Dr. Feingold had another one of his Menorah’s (housed in our beautiful “Menorah Museum” at Regency Heritage in Somerset, NJ) as the featured Menorah for the White House Hanukah celebration. I blogged it here.

We are so proud of his latest accomplishment and of our association with it.

Please join us this year for our Hanukah celebration at Regency Heritage and enjoy good food, good cheer and Dr. Feingold’s fascinating lecture.

Poster below will provide the additional details.

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