Regency Heritage At RWJ Health Fair in Somerville, NJ!

I’m at an incredible Health Continuum Fair this morning at the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in Somerville, NJ.

Regency Heritage in Somerset, NJ, is a preferred provider at RWJ and we have always enjoyed an excellent relationship with the hospital.

If you have a loved one at this hospital who is in need of post-acute rehab upon their discharge, our facility is certainly your choice and is enthusiastically supported by the hospital as a top facility for you to consider.

The engagement with their staff this morning is exceptional and we are handing out our famous green tote bags and our delicious and equally famous home baked cookies.

I’m here with our very own Tova Soled.

Earlier this week, we hosted a luncheon at the hospital, so there are many familiar faces in the crowd today!

I took these pictures just for you, so take a look:

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