Regency Gardens Shines Bright!!

We were poring over our magnificent, state of the art Regency websites and noticed that some of our letter testimonials were a bit outdated.

In order to bring the testimonials current, I had to go through countless testimonials we received in the past few months, each one a gem in its own right!!

Where do you start when there is nothing but high praise and accolades pouring in for your facility (I know, we should always have these types of ‘dilemmas’ !)?

So I decided to post select testimonials where the family actually singles out one of our dedicated staff members for an honorable mention!

More than any other testimonials, these are the ones I love most. Our staff rocks and I love it when they get kudos for their compassionate care.

Here, take a look at this picture of our beloved Pauline Miller at Regency Gardens in Wayne NJ.

Pauline Miller Celebrates her Birthday in style at Regency Gardens!
Pauline Miller Celebrates her Birthday in style at Regency Gardens!

Well, one of her loved ones recently penned a magnificent testimonial for us which included specific praise for one of our staff members. Of course, I just updated our Regency Gardens website to include this heartfelt testimonial together with a picture of Pauline and her beloved aide!

Take a look

Of course, Regency Park in Hazlet gets plenty of love too! Same with Regency facilities in Somerset, Lakewood and elsewhere in NJ.

In fact, check out this awesome recent testimonial for Regency Park from the Marinello family (photos included as well!)

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