Regency Gardens Nursing – March 2013 Activities!

Regency Gardens Nursing and Rehabilitation is featuring an action packed month with activities galore for their residents and families!

The Regency Gardens Recreation Director, Liz Johnson, puts her heart and soul into creating an impressive array of activities to excite all of the wonderful residents and families. It is small wonder, that Shoshana Stein, the Regency Gardens Admissions Director, has families clamoring to get involved in the activities!

Take a look:

Regency Gardens
March 2013

Daylight Savings Begins 3/10
Passover Begins 3/26


3rd 2:00p.m. 1st Fl. D.R. “Island Music” by Exodus Supreme

7th 2:00p.m. 1st Fl Entertainment by Joey Sudyka

9th 2:00p.m. 1st Fl. D.R. “Mr. Funny Bones” Dave Case Visits

11th 2:00 p.m.1st Fl. D.R. Music by Candyce Giaquinto

13th 2:00p.m. 1st Fl. D.R. Benny Rosa Performs

17th 2:00p.m. 1st Fl. D.R. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Scott Giaquinto

19th 2:00p.m. 1st Fl. D.R. Music by Leonardo

22nd 2:00p.m. 1st Fl. D.R. Tony Saxon sings the “Oldies”

25th 2:00p.m. 2nd Fl. D.R. Sweet Melodies by Debbie DeLucca

28th 2:00p.m. 1st Fl. D.R. Birthday Bash with Gerry & Gessie

Special Events

5th 2:00p.m. 1st Fl. D.R. Art Masters

12th 2:00p.m. 1st Fl. D.R. Jewish Services

31st 2:00p.m. 1st Fl. D.R. Easter Celebration

A personal favorite of mine (many of the residents agree), is the popular entertainer, Joey Sudyka!

Joey always enthralls his audiences with his singular charisma and musical genius!

Here is joey with a (thrilled) Regency Gardens resident!

Joey Sudyka with a thrilled resident!
Joey Sudyka with a thrilled resident!


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