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regency daily message - 13

Regency is as close to perfect as it gets in the world of healthcare.

Rather, I’m the one for whom this message resonates this morning.

You see, friends of mine will be competing in a 100 mile relay race next week.

This is an event which takes place once a year in the summertime and I’ve always been a part of it.

This year, I’m just getting over an Achilles injury and have been slowed down and hampered by it.

I am now pacing at about 7:45 – 8:30 minutes per mile on my more competitive runs, whereas previously, I could breeze through a 7 minute mile, without a problem.

My competitive nature doesn’t let me compete at anything less than peak performance.

So I begged out.

But hey, it’s ok not to be perfect right?

So maybe I will run in the end.

We shall see.


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