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I got feedback from many of you after yesterday’s blog telling me that I put you on an emotional roller coaster with my poignant remarks.

Thank you.

Like I said, there is a time and place for everything, so I’ll be lighter today.

Regency Nursing Centers loves aquariums and we showcase our beautiful aquascapes at each of our facilities. I’ve blogged about this in the past and you can find my remarks and beautiful pictures of our setups, right here.

By now, you are all familiar with the fish we keep in our admissions department.
The betta is named Deficiency Free, after our survey results.

"Deficiency free" swimming around in his new home!
“Deficiency free” swimming around in his new home!
5 Gallon Aquarium with LED lights in the Admissions department where I hang out!
5 Gallon Aquarium with LED lights in the Admissions department where I hang out!

The 2 Goldfish, who are clearly bi-polar are named L and M (full names cannot be disclosed as it is a State classified secret! ..that’s a joke, btw).

Our aquariums aren’t exactly your childhood goldfish bowls. Actually, did you know that the world of competitive aquarium design, or aquascaping, is just as difficult, expensive, and cutthroat as any other sport but requires expertise in many different fields to guarantee success. Aquarium designers possess large amounts of expertise in biology, design, photography, and excel in the art of patience, as individual aquascapes can take months if not years to fully mature into a completed landscape.

The world’s largest nature aquarium and aquatic plants layout competition is the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC) which annually ranks hundreds of competitors from around the world with Asian and Eastern European countries generally dominating the top slots. While it’s somewhat difficult to track down galleries of winners from every year, below are some amazing entries from the last few years. (These are real aquascapes of free standing aquariums!)









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