Regency Accountability

“Defining Deviancy Down”


In 1993, then Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan published a paper in which he coined the phrase “defining deviancy down.”

He was ringing an alarm about what he saw as a dangerous social unraveling as result of our redefining deviant behavior as normal, rather than doubling down on traditional standards of behavior.

I have always referred to this phrase when witnessing unacceptable behavior packaged in layers of normalcy and hidden behind a false façade of proper conduct.

In the world of healthcare organizations, there exists deviant behavior, similar to what exists in every other sphere of life.

Sometimes, the deviant behavior starts at the top of the company hierarchy and sometimes it takes up residence somewhere in the middle.

Typically, however, when there is accountability honesty and integrity at the very top, the trickle down effect is noticeable in employees at every level.

At Regency Nursing Centers, our Founder and President takes a strong stance on seeking accountability at every level.

He is pro-actively involved in every facet of his organization and has his pulse on the quality of care in each one of his facilities.

Because there is accountability and integrity at the top, it breeds accountability integrity, and ultimately – loyalty at every level.

Regency employees and staff are heralded and well regarded for their commitment, compassion and loyalty.

Our happy families and smiling residents are a testament to this commitment and sense of responsibility towards the well being of our families and residents.

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