Outdoor Beauty at Regency Gardens in Wayne, NJ

One of the joys for me when I tour families at Regency Nursing Centers is to showcase our outdoor spaces and parks.

Our outdoor parks with luscious lawns, artful landscaping and magnificent waterfalls, must truly be seen in order to be appreciated.

Did you know that at the Regency Gardens Post-Acute Rehabilitation Center in Wayne, NJ, people actually come by during the summer time to take their wedding pictures on our grounds!

I promise you every word I’m telling you is true! I previously blogged it here.

At Regency Gardens, we take care of older folks who are living out their golden years with us and we also take care of young people who stand at the cusp of building a life together!

Irony of ironies.

In fact, I blogged here regarding our beautiful grounds at Regency Gardens! Take a look at the pictures of this gorgeous facility and its outdoor spaces.
This is why I truly feel bad when I cannot showcase our stunning grounds during this time of year when everything is covered in snow.

I’ve got a tremendous soft spot and an affinity for the great outdoors! There is nothing like enjoying the fresh air and nature’s beauty and bounty. Running outdoors is especially rewarding for me. Therefore, this time of year, my disappointment isn’t only about my inability to show off our beautiful Regency Grounds, but also my inability to run outdoors.

Instead, I’ve been racking up approximately 45 miles of running per week on the treadmill in my basement. To say that this is insanely boring would be a severe understatement.

I put in 8 miles early this morning and was counting on doing more, but I was thrilled to get off the machine when my oldest came downstairs to discuss the intricacies of my “carbon footprint!”

Did you know that you have a carbon footprint?! I was unaware until my 12 year old schooled me on the subject.

When he starts talking about the melting polar ice caps and greenhouse gasses, ill get really nervous. Until then, let’s hope my running will eliminate the carbon from my footprint.

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