Online Activities for Seniors – Especially During Rehabilitation and Recovery!

This article was written exclusively for our Regency readers by our friend Claire Wentz of Caring From Afar.

It feels as if we are just beginning to learn one new technology gadget when the next version comes out. This world is one of constant updates, new versions, endless software options, and new apps. All of this can seem daunting to anyone, but especially seniors to whom all of it is an entirely new way of connecting to the world.

And yet technology can open many doors and bring new experiences to people’s lives. Online and computer activities can be used for brain stimulation, memory, entertainment, and even health reasons. According to the National Institute of Health, digital action games can even have cognitive benefits for older adults. This includes possible benefits to memory and engagement.

If you’re looking for wellness-boosting activities that you can easily access online, the Regency Nursing & Post-Acute Rehabilitation Blog has you covered.

Classic Games

There are many games to be played online that are digital versions of a person’s childhood games.

  • Chess: If you are a fan of playing chess, try playing chess
  • Puzzles: If you were a fan of puzzles as a kid and even growing up, considering doing digital jigsaw puzzles.
  • Solitaire: This is a classic card game to play and it’s quite easy to do on a computer.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to engage with friends and family on an everyday basis and keep in touch in a variety of ways. Through social media you can share photographs, use instant messenger, and even do face to face chat using a video cam.

  • Facebook: This is a good way to keep communicating with your friends by sharing articles, games, and even videos.
  • Instagram: A site where you can view endless photographs and keep in touch with grandkids and friends.
  • Skype: Do you have friends nearby that you can’t visit as much as you like? Using Skype allows you to do conference calls and keep in touch with your loved ones in a whole new way without having to travel long distances.

Mind Games

Computer games can do their fair share in helping your brain get a workout. They can help various areas of cognitive function and might also have psychological and emotional benefits.

  • Lumosity offers a variety of fun brain training exercises.
  • Computer Backgammon can also be a free and relaxing game.

Learn a New Skill

The internet has also proven great in getting people to learn new skills. With millions of online tutorials and classes, people can get online and learn anything from simple car maintenance, to basic home repair, art, photography, music, and even full degrees. One of these fun skills available online is learning to play a new musical instrument, from piano, to ukulele, to guitar.

  • Painting Lessons: If you have always wanted to paint, whether it’s a landscape, a portrait, or other types of art, taking online painting courses might be a good way to go.
  • Learn a New Language: There are a variety of free language-learning websites that can take you on that new lingual adventure.
  • Crafts: If you have always been a crafty person, sites like Pinterest or other DIY sites can give you some great craft ideas to keep your artistic spirit alive.

Taking Things Up a Notch

If your new hobby truly becomes your passion project, you might just decide to turn it into a moneymaker. If you do, make sure you do things properly and register your business. While part of this is for tax and income purposes, if you choose a business structure like an LLC, you reap important benefits. For instance, an LLC offers tax perks and protects your personal assets in the event your business is sued. Plus, it’s easy to get registered, since you can use an online service to walk you through the steps quickly and easily. You’ll be legal in a heartbeat so you can get right back to your personal and professional pursuits.

Online courses, games and activities for seniors have proven to be very beneficial for helping reduce stress and even anxiety. Just because one gets older doesn’t mean one is out of touch — there is always something new to learn and see in the world. Keeping up with all the new technology can prove to be a new friend, while connecting you with old ones.

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