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A Career In Nursing is Just What The Doctor Ordered

As working adults with responsibilities, we often get lulled into the belief that we have to drive between the lines of our current career path. Fortunately, this is not the case, and, thanks to the availability of online education, remote work, and plenty of open jobs in the healthcare industry, now is the best time in history to become a nurse. Regency Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers discusses how to get started.

 Career Transitions

The decision to make a career transition isn’t always easy. If you are burned out and feel anything other than fulfilled, moving into a career you can feel good about can help you earn an income while improving your quality of life. And when your chosen field is nursing, you put yourself in a unique position to also save lives.


Most nursing jobs require a degree. Lower-paying positions may require only an associate’s, while advanced roles will necessitate a master’s. This can be time-consuming, however, unless you plan to go to school online. Earning your degree virtually lets you work, take care of your family, and complete your education all within your own schedule. A master’s degree in nursing can help you get a career in health leadership, nursing education, nurse management, or the informatics disciplines.

Options Abound

Once you obtain your education, your next step is your license. After that, the sky’s the limit. Just a few potential positions you may find yourself in as a nurse are:

  • Bariatrics nurse. This is a relatively new specialty, but one that allows you to work treating people who are desperately trying to beat the beast of obesity.
  • Critical care nurse. A critical care nurse works in high-stress environments, such as the emergency room or ICU.
  • Health policy nursing. In this role, you will work with health and public safety to help enact new healthcare policies that impact your community.
  • Pediatric nurse practitioner. A pediatric nurse practitioner is one of the highest paying nursing jobs. You will work with young children to help diagnose illnesses, treat injuries, and ensure their overall wellness.

Finding Your Dream Job

When it comes to nursing, there’s more than one way to land your dream role. Nursing job boards, referrals, and even a good old-fashioned Google search will all point you in the right direction. The tricky part is acing the interview for your first nursing job.

Keep in mind that your interview is truly the first impression you make. Present yourself as professionally as possible. Women may fare best in a skirt or pants suit accented with modest jewelry. If possible, bring a neutral handbag and avoid strong perfumes. For men, a suit, tie, and well-polished dress shoes always present well.

Men and women alike must mentally prepare themselves to answer tough questions. These may include everything from how you feel about touching bodily fluids to why you believe you are a good candidate. Arrive early to your interview, whether it’s in person or virtual, and make eye contact, which shows respect and confidence.

A career in nursing may be just what the doctor ordered if you’re looking to find a fulfilling job that will allow you to provide for your family. Nurses are always in high demand, and, once you become a member of this elite group, you’ll have your pick of positions. Remember, it all starts with an education and an interview.

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