New Rehabilitation System For Heart Pathology Patients

heartcycleA team of Spanish researchers has participated in the development of a new distance heart rehabilitation system based on physical exercise routines for people affected by heart pathologies.

The system is designed for both chronic patients and the recovery of people who have suffered a heart event (for instance, a heart attack) or who have had heart surgery. In any of these cases, it helps patients to exercise and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

HeartCycle GEx has been developed within the European project HeartCycle. This system creates an online connection between the cardiologist in the hospital and the patients in their homes. The latter, equipped with sensorized t-shirts, do the rehabilitation exercises while their mobile telephones receive all the information about their heart and respiration rate, and messages to make more or less effort according to the doctor’s instructions, etc.

Its main advantage is its ability to motivate patients; GEx helps patients follow the rehabilitation program in an easier and more entertaining way. To that end, GEx incorporates multimedia content, an avatar, as well as graphic information about the indicators related to the patient’s performance (heart rate, effort level, etc).

“The Achilles’ heel of heart rehabilitation is that patients abandon it in a few weeks, so its effect is watered down. If the user is motivated, the level of compliance will increase and their health will improve. The most important aspect is to improve adherence to the rehabilitation plan and maintain it over time, and this system does just that”, explains Álvaro Martínez, researcher at the ITACA Institute of the Universitat Politècnica de València.

Watch the video here.

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