New Regency Virtual Video Tours And So Much More!!!

Please note: I am soooooooo (extra vowels are not an accident, but for special effect!) excited to report to you, my beloved audience, that we have now upgraded our video capabilities and will soon be breaking out new movies and clips to showcase our facilities and services!

We will be conducting and featuring interviews with our legendary facility administrators and staff!!

and much much more….

Stay tuned!

We are also going to be updating and upgrading our Regency YouTube Channel in the coming days and will be offering fresh content on a regular basis

Did I tell you how excited I am?

Yes, I think I did!

Special thanks and gratitude are in order to our beloved and indefatigable Regency Founder & President, Mr. David Gross, for authorizing, directing and spearheading this (and all other) initiatives.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Mr. Gross is as innovative and cutting edge today, as he was 25 years ago when he founded our organization.

He leads, others attempt to follow.

See our first sample video clip below (soon to be posted to our Regency Heritage website and on our Healthcare partner sites).

Please note: For those of you who are reading this entry in your email inbox feed, your emails must be video enabled in order to view this clip, otherwise, simply click on the blog title and be directed to this actual blog page on our website and you will be able to view it there.


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