My PowerBack Rehab Review!

I was returning from a long run this past Sunday (14.5 miles) and was soaked head to toe, after getting caught in the torrential rain about 4 miles from home.

I walked into the house drenched, dripping and soggy, my kids took a look at this apparition and felt bad for me.

But wait a second! 

I didn’t feel bad for me at all. Actually, I felt like a million dollars. I was enthused! 

My body was pulsating and my heart was pumping, I had burned off calories and endorphins, shed a few weekend pounds and had just thought of solutions for several of our health care competitors significant problems in the last 2 hours. Problems we thankfully never have to deal with at Regency.

But most importantly, I got my Power Back!

Then I reached for my Powerade as I always do (to replenish my electrolytes) and gulped it all down.

All of a sudfen I had this epiphany!

This must be exactly how our rehab patients feel when they get their power back!!

In fact, our Power Back rehabilitation program in Somerset, Hazlet, Wayne and Dover, NJ, is the best in the business!

Is therapy difficult? Sure it is. Do our patients sometimes have beads of perspiration forming under their brows from the exertion? Sure they do, but it’s all for a noble and worthy cause!

They wish to get their power back – and PowerBack rehabilitation can only occur when their commitment and ours, is to work hard and achieve great results.

So I stopped for a moment after my latest run this morning  and took the picture below of my own personal PowerBack rehabilitation drink (all finished).

Now it’s off to Regency for another glorious day to help our own patients get their PowerBack rehab and find their stride too!

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