Mrs. “Toblerone” at Regency Gardens!

I LOVED this story! So funny!

So just the other day, our very own Marybeth, DON at Regency Gardens, was interviewing a prospective nurse regarding a full time positionĀ and there was a clear language barrier and they were having trouble understanding each other.

The interview was going absolutely nowhere.

At one point, the would-be nurse says to Marybeth “Mrs. Toblerone…..”

It was a huge effort for Marybeth to control herself and keep her laughter in check so as not to unduly embarrass this person.

Why would she address Marybeth Papetti as “Mrs. Toblerone,” you ask?

Well, it’s because this is what she saw sitting across the desk during her interview! (thank you Daki!!)

Our DON, Mrs. Marybeth "Toblerone!"
Our DON, Mrs. Marybeth “Toblerone!”

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