Mr. Gross and Regency Hosts Healthcare Education Workshop For Rabbis

I was very proud to attend a special Healthcare symposium this week hosted by our beloved Founder & President, Mr. David Gross.

Mr. Gross brought together a group of Jewish Rabbi’s and lay leaders to advise, educate and empower them regarding complex medical issues and questions brought to them by their congregants who are dealing with the illness of a loved one and the many decisions they are faced with.

Religious leaders of all faiths need to be empowered with the important perspectives from a healthcare standpoint, so that they may guide their congregants accordingly.

It is often very difficult to navigate the complicated medical field, with all of its nuances, components and regulations.

Indeed, coping with illness isn’t exclusively a psychosocial and emotional issue for families who lean on their clergy for support. Rather, it includes many medical decisions which are often colored by ones religious beliefs and leanings.

For a religious leader to be able to advise a family, they must have a working knowledge of all of the nuances and variables.

Mr. Gross shed light on all of this and his seminar was very well received.

Here are some photos of Mr. Gross’ lecture:




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